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Catholic Life

Information about Catholic life within our trust.

St. Joseph’s Mini-Vinnies

St. Joseph’s Catholic Infant and Junior Schools are proud to now be a part of the Saint Vincent De Paul Society (SVP)! We have recruited a great group of children from Reception all the way up to Year 6 to help spread God’s love and the love of St. Joseph’s community!

Each school held a separately commissioned Mini-Vinnie group, who were commissioned into service by Michael Willcock. The group are just starting our journey and are excited to join: “See, Think, Do”. They focused on these three things and thought about what they can do to support people in their community, school as well as those who are less fortunate.

Our Mini-Vinnies prepared a Mass for the ‘Feast of the Presentation of the Lord’ by learning bidding prayers, learning about Holy Communion and creating a promise board to share with the parish family. The children also made and decorated some prayer bookmarks for the parish, to remind them of their call to be a Mini-Vinnie.

The children have really enjoyed being a bigger part of church life and having responsibilities.

Our Mini-Vinnies would like to say thank you to the Birtley St. Joseph Saint Vincent de Paul Conference, who have kindly supported us in our venture by purchasing the Mini-Vinnie welcome pack for our group.

In the future, we have lots of exciting activities planned. We are organising a bake sale and a non-uniform day as well as working in and around the local community. The school has also been asked to meet with the residents in Covent House, a local care home, to join the residents in an Easter craft session.

Bishop Wilkinson Catholic Education Trust

At the heart of our School are the Bishop Wilkinson Catholic Education Trust values which recognise the unique contribution that every member of our community makes. The Catholic life and mission of the school is underpinned by actions and experiences that ensure that these values are lived out in all aspects of school life and so our pupils grow to know God, understand their vocation, and feel safe, nurtured, valued and aspirational.

Develop spirituality

We believe that a knowledge of and a personal relationship with Christ brings meaning and direction to life. 

Act with justice, respect and dignity 

We believe that every member of our diverse community is created in God’s image and therefore we act with respect and show dignity, ensuring that all are treated with fairness, justice and equity. We work fervently to dispel inequality and pay special attention to those most in need. 

Foster a sense of vocation

We believe that all members of our Trust should be supported to recognise their own purpose and to develop a sense of how they are called to contribute to society.

Promote educational excellence

We believe that each person should be equipped to excel through the highest quality learning opportunities and richest wider-school experiences. 

Form high aspirations

We believe that every member of our Trust community should have the highest expectations of themselves and others and should be equipped with the knowledge and skills to achieve greatly.

Celebrate community

We believe that our schools promote truth, honesty, reconciliation, resilience and integrity in their own context, but together create strength, optimism and excellence across the Trust.   

Support exceptional leadership

We believe that the best leadership in Catholic Schools raises the work of the staff and the attainment of young people to levels that exceed expectations through relentless focus, effective management skills, profound empathy, sustained energy and robust optimism, underpinned by wide professional knowledge founded on innovative research.  

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Updated | 8th April, 2024 |