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Our Modern Foreign Languages programme is delivered using two languages. Depending on the cohort and when pupils would be due to start Cardinal Hume Secondary School, will depend upon the language taught to our children.

For example: Year 3 and Year 5 cohorts will learn Spanish, while Year 4 and Year 6 pupils learn French – this is because this will be the same language that the vast majority of our children progress to learn while at Cardinal Hume Catholic Secondary School. Cardinal Hume Catholic Secondary School alternate the language taught to each new Year 7 cohort. Therefore, to promote a smooth transition to secondary school, St. Joseph’s, Birtley, has adopted the same approach to ensure that our children receive the best possible start to their KS3 languages education.

Message from Dr. Rachel Hawkes – Programme creator:

I’m excited to tell you that I analysed the vocabulary from each of the schemes against the new GCSE vocabulary lists for all three Awarding Organisations (AQA, Edexcel, Eduqas) and the overlap is between 90-96% depending on the language / awarding organisation. This is absolutely brilliant – it means that whichever secondary school receives pupils from you, they will have learnt around 1/3 of their GCSE vocabulary, whichever awarding body has been chosen.

Please find our modern foreign languages summary which will end in August 2023.

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Updated | 25th February, 2024 |