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School Uniform

School uniform requirements for our school.


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Reversible Jacket – Waterproof£21.50
Tracksuit bottoms£15
PE fleece£16
PE t-shirt (Or plain black t-shirt)£7.35
PE Bag with name tag£5.58
Black Football Socks£5.00
Book Bag Bottle£7.74
All children are permitted to wear a watch/FitBit – but we do not permit smart watches which connect to mobile phones/have separate access to 3G/4G/5G. Any phones in school will be required to be turned off during the daytime hours.


  • Pale-blue polo shirt
  • Bottle-green sweater top
  • Fleece-lined jacket
  • Grey skirt
  • Grey trousers
  • Grey shorts
  • Green gingham dress
  • Black tights
  • Socks of neutral colours e.g. white/navy/black
  • Hairbands should be bottle green, or black
  • Black shoes/boots (not trainers)


  • Black shoes (not trainers)


  • No bracelets, necklaces, earrings or facial/body piercings are permitted.
  • Pupils should not have their ears pierced at times which would necessitate the wearing of ‘sleepers’ in school time.
  • No make-up.
  • No false nails, coloured nail varnish, gel polish or acrylics.

Hair Styles

  • Hair gel, hair colours or lines shaved into hair are not permitted
  • We recommend children with long hair, tie it up for school.
  • No extreme haircuts including lines or extreme differences in length.
  • No Skin fades with ‘no blade / zero’ and no hair should be shorter than a No 2. Any braid style that exposes the scalp is NOT allowed.

P.E Kit:

  • Our PE kit enables black leggings to be worn with a small logo. Logos should not extend down the full leg. N.B. Leggings are not permitted to be worn as part of normal school uniform.
  • Long black football socks for the times when Tag Rugby/Football takes place and children would like to wear shinpads/long socks – these can also be worn in general PE lessons.
  • We suggest that dark-coloured trainers are worn so that any sport which takes place on the field does not cause staining/discolouration.
  • For swimming – there will be an expectation that all children with long hair wear a swimming cap.
  • Boys – Swimming shorts
  • Girls – Swimming costume and swimming cap
  • Goggles – All children
  • Flip flops/footwear for the poolside – All children
  • Towel
  • Occasionally, children are asked to bring in old clothes/pyjamas for life-saving lessons.

Please Note:

  • Leggings are not permitted as part of normal school uniform – they can only be worn on PE days (excluding swimming days)
  • Striped tracksuits are not permitted
  • Jewellery must not be worn on P.E days: this limits the chances of children losing any items they need to remove.
  • If children wear their school jumper or cardigan, or PE fleece, we recommend wearing a coat over the top for breaktimes, particularly the cooler weather is approaching.
  • If children have indoor P.E, they may wish to wear shorts under their jogging bottoms too.

Uniform Supplier

Tots to Teams Tel: 0191 2715454 – order forms are available from the school office, or you can order direct from the Tots to Teams website

Please, mark your child’s name on all clothing.

A reminder letter or text will be sent home to parents of children who are not wearing the correct uniform.

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Updated | 7th December, 2023 |