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The curriculum:

Whole School Music CompletedDownload

Our Offer:

In March 2023, we successfully submitted a bid to EMI Universal Sound Foundation to request access to a class set of guitars.

As part of our commitment to the musical development of our school – each school has:

30 glockenspiels for each school

100 boomwhackers

30 recorders

a class set of tuned handbells.

The junior school also has access to a class set of ukuleles.

Lesson Delivery

Side by Side Arts CIC to help support curriculum music delivery across the two schools. Side by Side Arts CIC will also deliver our peripatetic offer.

At St. Joseph’s Catholic Infant School (Year 1 upwards), pupils are able to learn the piano.

At St. Joseph’s Catholic Junior School, pupils can learn guitar or piano.

Lessons cost £10.50 for a paired 30 minute lesson. All enquiries and expression of interest should be directed towards the school office, who will note your details and liaise with Side by Side Arts CIC. Lessons are invoiced by Side by Side Arts CIC in which parents/carers then set-up a direct debit.

For any parents in receipt of pupil premium/free school meals, who would require financial support to fund peripatetic lessons – then, please liaise with the school office, who will be happy to assist you.

StJosephs Peripatetic Side By Side Arts Infants 1Download

StJosephs Peripatetic Side By Side Arts Juniors 1Download

Average Concert Rating:

Our average concert rating was 4.78 out of 5 (37 responses!)

Please read our feedback below:

I absolutely loved the musical concert- all the children did so well. Was lovely to see both of my children joining in and I am so proud of them both . Thank you so much to Mrs Swaddle and your wonderful staff.

Wow it was absolutely amazing every single child was excellent! Both my parents and I really enjoyed it and we were actually blown away at how good both the children and music teacher was with them! You can clearly see that the children are taught so well during the singing lessons. The song choices were wonderful and the clarity, timing and volume from the children was outstanding so very impressed!! Well done to all we can’t wait to see more!! I also love that music is encouraged it’s so good for promoting the children’s mental health and confidence Thank you we have the best little singers xx

Yes, fantastic x

Another fantastically organised event from St Joseph’s! It’s so lovely to be able to participate in events like this and see what the children have been preparing for. Thank you very much to all of the wonderful children and staff for making this possible.

How wonderful! All the children were amazing and put everything into their performances, it was a joy to watch and I feel so uplifted!

Absolutely loved it, so nice to see the children so passionate about music

The children were all amazing today, fantastic singing, great instrument playing and fab dancing! Well done to them and the teachers for all their hard work.

Absolutely beautiful! Well done to our wonderful children. Loved seeing the whole school together. Thank you to all at the school and church for making it happen. We appreciate all your hard work.

All the year groups performance was lovely.

A fantastic performance by all the children, it was a joy to see their smiling faces singing so beautifully. Well done to all the children, teachers and Mr Angus!

It was amazing from start to finish. Very well put together and beautiful singing 10/10 from me.

Absolutely brilliant. All the children done fantastic

Really enjoyed it!

Really well done! Mr Angus did fantastic and loved the choreography

I loved it – it was amazing

Fab performances by all of St. Joseph’s children. Great to hear some modern sounds and songs, the children are such a vibrant community with infectious enthusiasm

Amazing performance from all children! St Joseph’s is full of pupils with great talent, we are so proud of you all

Excellent performances from all the children. I loved the energy that all the children brought to their performances. I especially loved Yr3, they all sang loud, clear and beautifully.

Fabulous, all children were brilliant

Lovely concert, smiling, confident children singing their hearts out, they all did brilliantly. It was nice to see the whole school taking part and the use of instruments was fun. Thank you to all the teachers who have given their time to make this happen and well done to the children.

All the kids did amazing!

It was an amazing musical concert. So many smiles on children’s and parents faces. Children were so happy to sing and show their parents their amazing talents. 5 star performance. Well done to all children & teachers and everyone who was involved in preparation of that musical concert.

I loved today and enjoyed not only watching *****  but all the little ones. It was such a good concert and lovely to see the different yr groups singing and enjoying the music in the different ways they did. Well done St Joseph’s!

We loved it so amazing as so the music teachers for teaching them I do love to hear the children singing

Excellent performance from all children

It was lovely. the children all seemed to enjoy it too

Great song selection, beautiful arrangements and fantastic finale! I had tears in my eyes. Thank you

It was simply amazing. I loved the entire show and the final song with all the children was so beautiful! Thank you

The singing was fantastic & the children were well behaved & really enthusiastic about their performances. Great Summer Singing Concert

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