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Reception visit the library!

This morning we had a lovely walk in the sunshine to Birtley Library.
We stopped at the war memorial to look at the poppies and wreaths and to say a prayer for the soldiers.
At the library all of the children chose a story to bring back to school. We then listened to the story “Hugless Douglas Goes for a Nature Walk” and then the children went on a treasure hunt around the library looking for pictures from the story. The children even got to stamp their own books before heading back to school!

‘I like the Library, I like to read stories!’

‘You can read books, there were lots!’

‘My favourite thing is when you can borrow some books and read them and then give them back…even you can get more and I just love it!’

‘I love books, I just love reading them!’

‘I love books. I could just read them all night and all day!’