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Prayer, Liturgy, Meditation and Celebration of the Word

Year 3 planned and led a beautiful little liturgy this week. Based on the theme of “We are all special” the children created a wonderfully reverent and prayerful space, in which they read a beautiful reading from the books of Psalms, shared bidding prayers and then each child read out why they were special, which was written on a heart that they then placed upon our tree. They also sang a rousing rendition of This Little Light of Mine to conclude their liturgy. It was wonderful to see so many parents and grandparents there, supporting the children and enjoying a little quiet time together to start the day.

The feedback from the session was fantastic and such a lovely confidence boost for the children too. We are already looking forward to our next Little Liturgy!

Travelling Cribs

Here at St. Joseph’s Catholic Infant and Junior Schools, Birtley, we use Travelling Cribs each Advent to help support the evangelisation of families. A prayer book accompanies the Travelling Crib, and families are asked to write a prayer inside of the book, which can then be prayed by the whole class.