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St. Joseph’s Mini-Vinnies

St Joseph’s Catholic Infant and Junior Schools are proud to now be a part of the Saint Vincent De Paul Society (SVP)! We have recruited a great group of children from Reception all the way up to Year 6 to help spread God’s love and the love of St. Joseph’s community!

Each school held a separately commissioned Mini-Vinnie group, who were commissioned into service by Michael Willcock. The group are just starting our journey and are excited to join: “See, Think, Do”. They focused on these three things and thought about what they can do to support people in their community, school as well as those who are less fortunate.

Our Mini-Vinnies prepared a Mass for the ‘Feast of the Presentation of the Lord’ by learning bidding prayers, learning about Holy Communion and creating a promise board to share with the parish family. The children also made and decorated some prayer bookmarks for the parish, to remind them of their call to be a Mini-Vinnie.

The children have really enjoyed being a bigger part of church life and having responsibilities.

In the future, we have lots of exciting activities planned. We are organising a bake sale and a non-uniform day as well as working in and around the local community. The school has also been asked to meet with the residents in Covent House, a local care home, to join the residents in an Easter craft session.

Our Mini-Vinnies would like to say thank you to the Birtley St. Joseph Saint Vincent de Paul Conference, who have kindly supported us in our venture by purchasing the Mini-Vinnie welcome pack for our group.