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The children who were selected for our school Eco-Group were chosen due to the dedication they showed to helping the environment in their applications. The group first met in September, when they shared their great ideas for ways in which we could promote sustainability and support nature in our local area. Following this, our Eco-Warriors were given folders to record their ideas and activities.  

The group has been very busy since then, spreading messages regarding the importance of recycling, saving energy and supporting nature. They have also planted some daffodil bulbs around our school grounds and they have ensured the bird feeders are always stocked. Eight members of our Eco-Group were lucky enough to join some pupils from the Infant school, as well as children from other Gateshead schools, to attend a climate conference at Baltic, Gateshead. During this, pupils explored a selection of artwork and they discussed the environmental issues that were being addressed in the pieces. They then created their own artwork in a similar style, and they made placards with messages about what should be done to save our planet.  

More recently, the Eco-Group helped some workmen from Gateshead Council to plant crocus bulbs outside Birtley Villas Sheltered Accommodation. Following this, children were invited into the communal area for juice and snacks, and to meet some of the residents. This was a lovely reward for their hard work. We were told the residents love seeing flowers grow outside their home, so we are pleased there will be some new additions blooming in early spring for them to admire. 

The Eco-Group are now looking forward to starting the RSPB Wild Challenge. As part of this, pupils will take part in a range of activities that support wildlife. Our aim this year is to achieve the silver certificate.  

St. Joseph’s Eco-Council attended an event at Baltic, Gateshead, in October 2023 – where they were able to investigate the impact of climate change. Together with children from other schools, they created posters to raise awareness of the need to take of our planet.