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Black History Month- Reception Class

Reception class have thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Frank, Bella and Ken this afternoon, who came to share some information about Black History Month. Bella shared some typical Nigerian food with the children, such as yams and okra. Frank and Ken then shared some instruments (courtesy of Ofuobi Cultural Group – Ndi Igbo North East England (NINEE) with the children allowing them all to have a try! We then listened to some singing – Frank translated the words into English and we learned that the dance would be to clap our hands for Jesus! The children had a great dance and loved trying out the instruments! Thank you Bella, Frank and Ken for this experience today 🙂

New vocabulary-

Igba – drums

Ogene – gong

Udu – metal pot

Oja – flute

Nyo – noisy beads

Ekwe – talking wood